January Rotating Roaster: Spyhouse Coffee of Minneapolis, MN

Spyhouse Coffee BroadwayAll photos via SpyhouseCoffee.com

Hailing from the north—Minneapolis, Minnesota—Spyhouse Coffee is our Rotating Roaster for the month of January. I’ve enjoyed espresso and pour-overs in their shop when visiting my brother there, and actually, they’re the only place where I’ve had a pour-over brewed on the Kalita Wave. Here in Indiana, I miss the cold snowy winters of growing up in South Dakota (well, nostalgically, anyway), so I figured a Minneapolis roaster seemed appropriate for January.

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What’s up with our Coffee Lab hours???

Screen shot 2015-10-19 at 4.14.33 PM

The Uel Zing Coffee Lab is open Friday through Monday (and was closed for a healthy holiday break). …so yeah, our hours are kinda weird. Here’s why: though we began as a cold brew coffee cart, we soon started bottling cold brew—which quickly became the bulk of our business. So even though the Lab or cart might not always be open, there are about 15 other locations around town (grocery stores, donut stores, bagel stores, etc.) that are open and serving our cold brew. The Lab functions firstly as company headquarters (mainly, storing a lot of bottles) and secondly as a retail and event space: serving coffee, selling coffee beans and brew gear, hosting cuppings and coffee education, and other events like comedy or ping pong.

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The Mike Adams Show: Episode #9 | July 16, 2014

The Mike Adams Show

Local musician-comedian-artsy-fun-guys Mike Adams & Addison Rogers just hosted their 3rd Annual Mike Adams Christmas Special. Bloomington’s own cable-access/Youtube late night comedy talk show is a hoot and a holler every time, and I love going to their tapings—check out their facebook page here. Last summer, I was a guest on episode 9, taped on stage at the Bishop Bar. Here’s Episode 9, with a pro wrestler, a cool band from Chicago, and I come on around 25 minutes in. You bet I jetted on stage with a rocket pack full of cold brew! Turns out Mike doesn’t even like coffee… but he liked our cold brew! “I could see myself drinking this, I’m serious,” he said.


UEL TIDE greetings! Photoshoot at Menards

The ZINGteam decided to head to our favorite land of fake forests and large plastic holiday figurines—Menards… and FUN ensued! Check out the full spread of UEL LOG crewneck sweatshirts, hand-knit 100% wool ZINGhats (by Lindsay), and the Uel Brew 1000 romping through a winter wonderland! And just click here to shop for any and all of these goodies! Continue reading


Coffee Lab: Water Matters

Austin here, R&D Specialist at Uel Zing Coffee Lab. I recently heard a talk by UK Barista Champion, Maxwell Collonna-Dashwood, about how the water you use to brew coffee has an incredibly large effect on the actual flavor of your cup of coffee. He even has a new book on it, Water for Coffee. Turns out, using fancy artisanal and/or filtered waters doesn’t guarantee that you are using the best water to make your coffee. I already tend to be a bit skeptical of those pricey artisan waters from Europe or some tropical Island, and I figured my filtered water at home suited my coffee and me just fine. But after hearing Collonna-Dashwood’s talk, I decided set up a little experiment at the Lab to see just how big of a difference water makes!

This is the video that got me excited about water. It’s 16 minutes but really interesting!

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Coffee Lab Gift Guide for the Coffee Enthusiast


You might find yourself looking for gifts this time of year, and I can recommend a few ideas for the coffee geeks, nerds, and snobs on your shopping list. Several of these are things that we sell at our Coffee Lab in Bloomington and/or online, and some are through other coffee sites—Espresso Parts and Whole Latte Love are great to shop around on, and of course Amazon has a lot too. There are many coffee gift guides (be sure to check out Sprudge’s gift guides), but hopefully these will be some low- to mid-level price points that will score big with your favorite coffee drinker!

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How to Start a Food Cart in Bloomington, Indiana

UEL ZING coffee the cart

Many people ask us how to start a food cart, so here is a page to help you start the entrepreneurial journey—at least in Bloomington, Indiana. There are basically two permits to get, but they require several other things, and it’s best to get the ball rolling on as many different parts as you can. To get a business permit, you need a health permit, to get a health permit you need a commissary kitchen, to get that you need insurance, and so on. Here is the basic order in which I did it, working backwards with the first thing to do at the bottom of the page, because usually to get one thing, you need the previous thing.

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Inside IU: Food carts of Bloomington: Uel Zing coffee founder shares his methods and company history | June 11, 2014

Inside Iu
When he graduated from Cornell University in 2010, Samuel Sveen got used to hearing the question so common that it was the opening number in the Broadway musical “Avenue Q” — “What do you do with a B.A. in English?”

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