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Ready-To-Brew, Vacuum-Sealed

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Air Uel Ready-To-Brew Coffee Program

Air Uel will make your coffee routine super tasty and super easy. Our ZING blend is both complex and sessionable (you can drink it session after session), it’s already ground so you can get right down to business (vacuum-sealed to keep it fresh), and it arrives directly at your door, month after month.

Our 8 ounce bags are the perfect size for the Uel Brew 1000, and they have a ziplock too, just in case. The bags do not have a one-way valve like some coffee bags, so as they off-gas, they do puff up just a bit; it’s mainly CO2, an inert gas. Oxygen is not inert and the enemy for keeping things fresh—which the vacuum seal blocks out—while locking in the good, fresh aromatics.

On the first Monday of every month, we grind our ZING blend straight into vacuum-seal bags, immediately seal them, and ship ‘em out. We’ve dialed in the grind to medium coarse, so you’re good to go for cold brew, french press, or your standard drip machine. A good burr grinder is one of the most important pieces of equipment (and most expensive) for a good cup of coffee, so we're taking care of that for you. Cold brew is such a gentle process that it's nearly impossible to over-extract, so we've gone just a bit finer than the usual "coarse grind" to make it more versatile for your home brewing desires, from hot summer cold brew thru cold winter hot brew.

We're only a few months into the program, so here you have the opportunity of a lifetime: the opportunity to join the Air Uel Pilot Program on the ground floor, er, on the runway, as we take off. We’d love any and all feedback, and be prepared for changes down the airway as we read and react.

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