super strong, super smooth cold brew coffee

We started from a bike now were here! 


What is Cold Brew 

Cold brew creates the strongest, smoothest, least-acidic coffee you can put in your face. Combining properly rested and freshly ground coffee with cold, triple-filtered water for 24 hours in a slow-motion full-immersion extraction, we hit all of the good stuff and quit it short of the bad. Our 100% cotton filters yield the juiciest texture we've found, and our ready-to-drink brew ratio is dialed in for the most efficient extraction possible. We also brew an even stronger concentrate for your own experiments; see "CONK."
We've evolved from 5 gallon buckets to 55 gallon brew barrels; click below to see how we brew it!


Our Products 

We specialize in super strong, super smooth cold brew coffee—and bringing it to the masses! Now brewing ready-to-drink cold brew, cold brew concentrate, and Uel Zonk decaf cold brew. Click below for our full product listing, or click here for all the places you can ZING.


Our Story 

SamUEL started selling coffee on a bike cart in Bloomington, Indiana in 2013. Having just moved from New York City to be with his girlfriend, (now wife) Uel put his coffee knowledge and DIY skills to the test and started Uel Zing Coffee. After building his first bike cart and selling one thing, super strong super smooth cold brew coffee, Uel had the town zingin'. In order to grow the business in a scaleable way Uel Zing began bottling their cold brew. Uel Zing now has a permanent coffee shop at 727 W Kirkwood Ave in Bloomington, and works with a small team to brew, bottles, distribute, and promote good coffee.



We get asked a lot of questions, here are a few!