Our Process

We brew in 55 gallon barrels using cotton filters and fill our bottles with our Death Star machine. We leave roasting up to the pros, Tinker Coffee Co., and add our value by cold brewing our signature ZING Blend in quantity, bottling, and distributing. Our "Innovation Points" game among the ZING Team has driven us to create very efficient, DIY systems for every step along the way.

The Coffee

Tinker Coffee Co. roasts our signature ZING Blend fresh every week: 45% chocolatey Nicaraguan, 35% berry-sweet Ethiopian, and 20% smoky Sumatran. The "T Boyz" roast on a Probat L-12 with two temperature probes graphed on their computer, assuring consistent profiles every roast. They source the beans through three different importers: Olam from Nicaragua, Sustainable Harvest from Ethiopia, and Red Goni from Sumatra. Each bean is roasted individually to the optimum roast profile, then blended "post roast" by weight. All of the roasts are on the lighter side to allow the true characteristics of the coffee cherry to shine through. A coffee bean is actually the seed of a cherry—a fruit.

Uel Zing Tinker Coffee Probat.JPG

Tinker Coffee Co.

Droppin' like it's hot. We pick up between 50 to 200 pounds a week of our ZING blend from the T Boyz.

Uel Zing Coffee - Sam with Barrles.jpg

A LOT of cold brew

We brew three or four barrels a week, using cotton muslin filters as giant tea bags. After 24 hours of steeping, we pump the fresh cold brew to the reservoir barrels up top, then out to the Death Star to bottle.


The Death Star

We bottle six bottles at a time thanks to our Death Star bottling machine that we built from scratch. After researching many bigger industrial machines that cost thousands of dollars, required at least three workers, and still didn't fill that accurately, we decided to build our own!

Cases of bottles

We usually bottle around 60 cases a week of the Ready-To-Drink bottles, plus several CONK and decaf cases, too. Takes about 3 or 4 hours, and we're always getting faster!