the UEL BREW system 

If you are interested in DIY Cold Brew, or just want to know more about cold brew coffee, this is the page for you. Below you'll find our basic instructions for the Uel Brew 1000, as well as more in-depth blog posts about our experiments with cold brew. The Uel Brew 1000 is a miniature version of the exact same device we use to cold brew all of our cold brew, sized just right for your fridge as a one gallon bucket. We have always used 100% cotton muslin filters to create the juiciest texture (better than metal or paper), and by draining out of the side (instead of the very bottom), we leave any silt behind.

Just set up your filter, add coffee, water, and stir... then set it and forget it! We brew for 24 hours at refrigerated temperature, and then drain.




Uel Brew 1000 Instructions

  1. Suspend filter from hooks
  2. Add coffee into filter
  3. Add water & stir & lid (just lightly set it on, don't snap down)
  4. Refrigerate & wait 24 hours
  5. Drain into large vessel
  6. Enjoy... you'll ZING!

Brew Ratios

For ready-to-drink cold brew and the most efficient extraction, we suggest a 1 to 12.5 ratio of coffee to water: 8oz coarse ground coffee plus 12 cups water (227g + 2838mL).

For CONK double-strength concentrate, use a 1 to 6.25 ratio: 16 oz coarse ground coffee plus 12 cups water (454g + 2838mL). For a 12 oz bag of coffee, use 9 cups water (340g + 2125mL).




Tips & Tricks

  • Pre-wet filter before use, hand wash w/water only & dry when done. If using very frequently, you can store the filter in a jar of water in the fridge, kind of like a siphon filter.
  • Gently set lid on top - do not snap in place.
  • Allow some waste & leave silt in bucket at end of draining. You can tilt the bucket a bit, but try not to arouse the silt.
  • Always store cold brew in fridge. Drink within 4 weeks.
  • Pro-tip:  Clean bucket & refill with finished cold brew for cold brew on tap 24/7!

Our signature ZING blend yields a full and complex cold brew, but you can surely cold brew any coffee beans you please.