cold brew

cold brew: short $2 / classic $3 / bolt $4

 our specialty: nice & chocolatey, sweet yet smoky, super strong, super smooth! 

 and/or ask about the single-origin today?

zonk $4

 decaf cold brew, bottled. or on ice in short or classic cups

4-pack $12

 buy 3 bottles, get 1 free! zing or zonk

CONK $12

 cold brew concentrate, twice as strong = 8 servings

one gallon growler $20

 20 bucks for a gallon of cold brew, $5 for the jug, free coffee with every fill


hot coffee

drip: small $2 / medium $2.5 / large $3

 our “drip” coffee is manually brewed in large pour-over batches 

 try our ZINGblend or a rotating single-origin

v60 pour-over $3

 various single-origins manually brewed for ultimate extraction control, 12 oz only

AeroPress $2.5

 espresso-like shot, intense & juicy, never over-extracted 

 enjoy as a shot or add water, Americano-style


not coffee

CASCARA cold brew $3 / $4

 this is the cherry that coffee grows in; tart, honey, tobacco ~ wild! 10 or 16 oz

uel ZEN $2 / $3

 cold brewed green tea, iced & unsweetened, 10 or 16 oz

chai $2 / $3 / $4

 3 questions: iced or hot? cream or coconut? dirty or not? also, size?

tea $2

 green, oolong, earl grey, Moroccan mint, French raspberry, any size

hot cocoa $2

 in-house cocoa sauce, with cream or coconut?

chocolate milk $2 / $3

 Traders Point organic, sooo good. 10 or 16 oz

soda $1

lemon san pellegrino, cream soda, coca-cola


drinks with names

jshoojsh’d $3

 cold brew classic, jshoojsh’d up with ample cream (or coconut) and sugar

strong arm palmer $4

 cold brew and lemon pellegrino soda. sounds crazy but so refreshing. 

like a mocha $4

 cold brew or hot brew with in-house cocoa sauce & cream or coconut



avocado toast $5

 a whole avocado with salt & pepper on two slices of Amelia's bread (an awesome Indianapolis bakery)

bagel & schmear $3

 Bloomington Bagel Company bagels with cream cheese or peanut butter

ramen noodle pour-over $2

 a barista’s best friend. noodles served in a large coffee cup with chopsticks. 3 types:

  Shin: a top 10 ramen according to a website, very spicy

  Miso: straight shootin’ soy bean flavor

  Top Ramen “Oriental”: one of the only true vegan ramens out there